By My Sons Best Friend..
By A Middle Class Mom

        It all started innocently enough when my thirteen year old son wanted his best friend Carlton to spend the night.  It wasn’t one of those planned things the way I tell him to do it, it was one of those, Carlton was over, and my son wanted...!
and you know the rest, except.......I wasn’t in a state to be making these kinds of judgements.....because I had three large margarita’s between three and five o’clock,
but my son, who knew this, was using my state to take advantage of me.
       I said yes, to their apparent glee, and even managed to talk to Carlton’s mother about him staying over before I passed out watching television lying on the couch.  That is where my mistake began.
       When I finally awoke, my head was splitting, and I guess I was drunker than I remembered because, I was now naked, and slouching on the provincial chair, my knees up over either arm to expose my genitals to the world.  Despite my wondering about all this, my body is so stiff, that my legs will not lift up to close, my arms would not move by my mental command either.  I didn’t remember getting undressed, and I especially wondered how I got into this chair this way?.......but the sight of my son, fast asleep on the couch I remember laying on last night.....
If I ever wondered about how effeminate he is at thirteen, my son Dana was as naked as I am and his small hairless body is quite beautiful, and the rigid penis on his hairless crotch was about four inches long and as big around as her index finger, the head poking out of the foreskin completely, more like his fathers erect cock.  I was startled and shocked at my sons erection until I remembered that he was asleep. 
       Still unsettled by my nakedness, and the sudden realization that my son might waken and see my pussy and tits, I still could remember nothing from the night before.  As I slowly extracted myself from the chair to stand, my cloths were scattered around the area, my son asleep on my bathrobe, my bra on the floor by the coffee table and my panties are missing completely.  I have nothing to cover myself with and I am contemplating how to get my robe out from under my naked son without waking him, that I saw the first of the Polaroid pictures on the coffee table, several more in my sons hands.
Picking up the two on the coffee table, my eyes tried to focus on the figures in the picture because I couldn’t quite tell what was happening at first....then outright shock, .......followed quickly by disgust, revulsion, and then horror, for the picture was of myself, with my own sons erect penis clearly in my mouth, both of us are naked and our faces are easily identifiable.  I shuffled quickly to the second and that one was of my son, holding my ankles over his head and out wide, his penis clearly entering my vagina..
     Dear God I thought, if anyone were to get their hands on one of these pictures, they would own me, I would go to Jail, no explanation would be acceptable for what this picture shows.   No longer concerned with my sons nakedness, or my own as much as seeing the pictures in his hand, I took the three he his holding, another with his cock in my mouth, one where he is fingering my exposed pussy, in the chair I woke up in, and the third is of me on my back, his best friend Carlton’s penis in my mouth, my legs spread grotesquely wide, and my own son obviously taking the picture from between my legs.  My blood was racing, my heart pounding as My mind went over every detail of the potential horror of having anyone see these incestuous pictures.
       It was then that it hit me ......Carlton, I was sucking Carlton’s cock, Carlton was here last night, I remember now to my additional horror, because that means that he will be in a position to make me do anything he wanted if I don’t get my hands on the rest of the pictures the boys took of us.
       Carlton walked into the room from my hallway, stark naked, his massive man sized cock standing out straight and hard in the cool morning air, bouncing around wickedly as he walked casually over to me, grinning perversely.  Even at sixteen, Carlton is several inches tall than I am, and at least forty pounds heavier, his seven inch long two inch diameter penis is bigger than Dana’s father cock, and the thick curly patch of pubic hair that fluffed up around its root, made my mouth begin to water as I sat memorized by it’s youthful beauty and sexual exuberance.
       “I see you found the pictures I left for you,” the bold teenaged said bluntly, my stomach turning as I contemplated what I knew must be coming.  Until this morning, I never liked Dana’s friend Carlton, and now I am sorry that I was drunk last night and allowed him to stay over and corrupt my son and myself this way.
       “They are great, aren’t they!” he prattled on, “I especially like the one where he is hold your ankles and poking you in the pussy, He actually came you know, we both did, in your pussy that is.”
       “But they aren’t the best, the best one is the one where he is pissing in your open mouth from about six inches away, the picture shows his piss and everything!”  He boldly bragged, like telling me how much of a slave I’m going to be to keep these pictures out of the hands of the authorities.  
       “You see Mrs Mitchell, ....You now belong to me, because I have 16 more just like the ones I left out and four of them are much worse than anything you are looking at right now.” he openly warned me.  I really knew at that moment that there was going to be no escape, ever, from this boys blackmail, he could use me for the rest of my life if he wanted to with those pictures, there would never be a time that Incest with your own son would be publicly acceptable.  My body openly trembled at this situation, his open appraisal of my nakedness sent shivers of cold fear running through me as my mind started to run away with itself. 
       “It’s not going to be like, I’m your husband or boy friend so I’ll be allowed to put my penis ‘in you’ occasionally,” he cruelly warned me, “It’s more like I’m your.....Pimp!” 
Threw the tremors of fear that swept over me, I could suddenly feel the warm then hot glow of something profound in my own pussy, I wondered at first if it could possibly be that I might want or like to be this boys personal blackmailed whore.  As his demanding and confident words took hold of me, his fingers reached out to feel the tight swollen lips of my pussy, the tingles in my groin telling me that I am enjoying his manual manipulation of my most intimate sexual parts.
      “Spread your legs for me!” he ordered, and I did, with out even thinking I stepped out wide, to allow his fingers access to my hot willing cunt.  He slipped two fingers inside me as his thumb attacked my swollen clitoris.  Standing their naked, my cunt impaled on this teenage’s fingers, I suddenly had an orgasm, and I mean orgasm, my vagina gushing fluids out onto his hand and wrist as well as my inner thighs.  There was know hiding the wicked smirk on his arrogant young face, he knew he had what he needed to black mail me, but he really didn’t have to because I liked what he was doing and would do it willingly if he asked me to, even though I was so much older than he is.
        Since that orgasm at his hands, I have been his slut, being the sex toy for his friends at several parties, He has me dress up like a whore and tells the boys that Dana’s mother is gone for several hours.  Each time he uses me I get hotter and more obsessed with him sexually, and he has no personal interest in me other than “I’m a piece of ass he has absolute power over right now.”
       Dana, who doesn’t know that his friend is black mailing me, is a regular sexual partner as well, Carlton often taking additional pictures of me having sex with my son and his friend’s  to strengthen his blackmail hold on me.  but he needn’t, I’m now his willing whore, And I knew that eventually I’m going to get caught and exposed for what I am doing, but I don’t care, I’ll do it anyway, even if they try to stop me. 
True Sexual Confessions (c)
Dr. Libido Publisher
and Editor
Studio X. (c) Copyright 2008